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While In A Limo Make Sure You Follow These Etiquettes

October 21st, 2014

When riding in a limo there are certain etiquettes that should be followed. While you wonder that you are paying for the limo and you can do as you feel like cause you are the boss is a wrong perception. You cannot be rude and unruly with the chauffeur of the limo. It’s always advisable to follow certain etiquettes while you are in a limo.


Always remember that the limo driver has to be treated with respect. The driver is there to deliver you safely to the destination, and so you never be rude or disrespectful towards him.


You should remain quite and seated in the vehicle while the driver performs his duty. No need to guide him as he knows the city well and will get you to your destination safely. When you have reached the destination, allow the driver to open the gates for you, many people hurriedly open it by them, remember it’s his duty to open the gates for you. Let him do it while you come out most respectably.


After your trip is over make sure you leave the limo in a clean and tidy way, just like it was before you began the ride. Make sure you keep it protected just like you would keep your own vehicle.

Finally you have to tip your driver, it is to be 10- 15 % percent of your rental fees. The driver has done a great service for you, make sure you tip him. You have to arrange for it before your ride is over. It is advisable that you hand him the tip inside an envelope to keep the matter discreet.


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