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Avoid falling prey to taxi scams

July 23rd, 2014

We have all heard and read about taxi scams and sometimes some of us have even experienced it.For example being in an unfamiliar place and your taxi driver takes you to the hotel taking the longest route. Or sometimes when you get into the cab and the driver drives on without turning on his meter. And sometimes even worst when your driver announces he has no change.

There are quite a few dishonest drivers out there you will deceive you into pay extra but with little cautious advice you can help and not fall prey to any scam. Just follow these things:


1) Inquire about how much should your cab cost for reaching the desired destination: Ask a friend or look into the guide book, check the list of typical route rates on taxi.

2) Carry a map with you: The dishonest drivers would generally be tempted to take you on the long route to make more money. One way to avoid this is by showing the driver the map and tell him about the route you are to follow. This makes the driver realize that you are aware of the way and thus he will not con you.

3) You must have change: The most common excuse the cab drivers give is that they do not have change and thus you are liable to overpay. Do not give them a chance before you leave the airport make sure you have enough change with you.

4) Take licensed taxis: These taxis have the driver possess a license along with his photo.Never go in with drivers who do not have an official identification.

5) If you are taking a taxi in that area where they do not use a meter then before getting on it settle down the fare you will pay. If you know the fixed fare from your place to the airport is $ 40 then pay it do not pay any extra amount he might ask.

6) Make sure you save your receipt: If you are scammed and you decide to file a claim then a receipt is a must. Your receipt is the only proof that you were a passenger in the stated taxi.

7) If you cant settle your fare with the driver then the best is to walk away. Never cab an uncertain taxi and make the bargain before you get in it.