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Tips to Start Airport Transportation Service

June 6th, 2014

The sudden growth in air passengers has created a huge business opportunity in terms of transportation services between the airport and various parts of the city. In order to reach airport at time and comfortably, more and more people are using these services. The growth in business has also increased the number of business events and greater number of people is travelling to those places. That is why the profit potential of this business is really huge. You may be thinking how to start any such business to utilize the opportunity in the market.

First of all, carry out a market research to identify the target customer segment – their economical status, profession, the travelling pattern etc to know exactly for which purpose they travel. You may have car or limo rental services for various customer groups but still you have to single out one or two as priority. You should consider the services which can be most profitable.

Once you have identified your target market segment, make a layout of the verities of services to be offered and prices. Set the prices by comparing with those of other companies.

Then, be ready for aggressive and attractive promotional campaigns. Now-a-days no business can flourish without proper promotional activities. Emphasize mostly on online promotion because most of the people look for online advertisements than offline. Build a strong online presence be it social network sites or the website of the company. Make the website in most creative way using all tools to get more traffic. Furthermore, print business cards and distribute them to potential customers available in nearby hotels and business houses.

It is recommended to start with few number of services and maintain high quality for them instead of starting a large number of services together. Once you will have made enough profit and a brand name in market, you will find it easier to expand.

Therefore, before starting, your tasks will include plan well, do thorough market research, have enough capital in hand and get all the clearances or certificates to start. After that, your business will automatically grow.