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How to Start Airport Limo Services Business

June 12th, 2014

The popularity of limos as the mode of transportation to travel to airport is pushing the people who want to start limo services business. But it is not a wise idea to start such a business all of a sudden as that may lead to huge loss. Despite the popularity of limo services, the market potential is not same for all locations or even not same for one location for different seasons. So, a thorough research needs to be done before starting the business just to avoid the possibility of loss. While conducting this research, the first should be done is checking the existence of other similar service providers and the overall situation of the market. Novice entrepreneurs often mistakenly think that no-competition is the localaity means a high potential; but in practice no competition or little competition is never a good indication as it express the area is not a cash-cow for such businesses. Lack of business insight originates this faulty thinking but many young entrepreneurs fail to understand this and incur huge losses. Once the research is done, the selection of market area and segmentation of market starts. Among many other services, it is most popular trend (and justifiable too) to emphasize on airport limo services to cash in on the growth in air passengers everywhere.


It is very important to choose the niche of the business. The business should include some attractive and useful transportation services other than airport transportation. Now-a-days in a typical transportation service business airport transportation provides about sixty percent of total revenue, so it should naturally be the priority. The service provider should have adequate vehicles to cater people living in every corner of the locality for travelling to airport. The service should connect all the major airports in the neighborhoods. The possibility of other services should also be considered. Te services should include transportation to and from wedding ceremonies as it is always on demand. Offering limos hiring service for any trip to a nearby place or a business event is another attractive aspect. The transportation service to the famous tourist destinations in the surrounding areas is very common and useful service of this type of business.


This business does not call for huge investment as it needs only some really good quality vehicles, particularly limos and taxis along with some personnel. But as the airport limo services form the core part of the business, the services must be of great importance as the business is likely to get many professionals of executive level who are often the frequent fliers. It is always recommended to start with only a handful number of services, specially the airport transportation and ensure high quality to show the worth. Then gradually the business will go up automatically.


Author bios: I, John Brian, have provided a comprehensive guidance to start a airport limo services business which I think will be of great help for the people seeking entry to this business.